About Carbon Re

Carbon Re is an AI research and development company dedicated to removing Gigatons of CO2 (equivalent) from humanity’s emissions each year. We aim to do so by optimizing production processes, redesigning manufacturing systems, developing new control processes, and accelerating the development of new climate-friendly materials and systems.

We are acting now: due to the cumulative radiative forcing effect, one ton of carbon saved today will help us meet global temperature targets as much as two tons saved in 2050. The cumulative impact of immediate operational improvements on carbon-producing processes will deliver greater reduction in global heating than many longer-term capital intensive solutions. Simply put: we need to prioritise cuts today and our solutions help to achieve this.

At the same time we are thinking long-term and aim to develop technologies for ‘Zero Carbon’ production processes in today’s hard-to-abate sectors. This is a goal we must and can achieve.

Carbon Re is an equal opportunity employer. We are still a small team and are committed to growing in an inclusive manner. We want to augment our team with talented, compassionate people irrespective of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, or age.


About the role

Software development at Carbon Re is not only about writing quality code. You'll have to design good and scalable architectures, be comfortable with dealing with often competing requirements and deadlines, and break our ambitious long-term vision down into clear steps and milestones.

We don’t draw a specific line between engineering and research teams. We all share the same tech stack, knowledge, tools, and work. We do fundamental machine learning research, and we build and ship commercial-quality software, so with time you will be likely to equally learn and care about many different aspects of our stack. We aim to create software that helps us achieve our mission in a sustainable and principled way, and to share our findings in the open through publications and open-source development.


Main Responsibilities

As a senior software engineer working on our web product, you will:

  • Work with friendly, engaged engineers and researchers to build impactful technology to fulfil our mission.
  • Write a lot of TypeScript and Python, primarily designing and shipping a robust web interface for our product. Decisions you make here will help define the Carbon Re product across all layers of the stack.
  • Debug and fix backend and frontend systems when they are not doing what is expected.
  • Work on all layers of the deployment and development stack, as necessary to make our mission a success.
  • Contribute to our fear-free development process by writing tooling to help the team move faster and more sustainably. You will be supported by continuous builds, tests, a constructive review system, and a culture of improving our processes.


  • Have experience leading the development of scalable web applications with rigour and a product mindset.
  • Write solid Javascript / Typescript / Python, and have proficiency with general web technologies.
  • Have solid experience working on one of the major web SPA frameworks. React knowledge is particularly helpful, but similar experience in Angular, Vue, and so on is also welcomed.
  • Have expertise in REST patterns and general API design.
  • Are familiar with modern web infrastructure stacks such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Cloudflare, etc.
  • Are familiar with relational databases like Postgres or MySQL.
  • Enjoy reading and writing technical and design documentation.
  • Want to lead long-term, sustainable technical development, anticipating roadblocks, mapping out risks, and contributing actively to product and research strategies.
  • Are interested in AI / ML, and desire to work on developing and applying them to contribute in a big way to the fight against climate change (It’s OK if you don’t have experience here, we’ll be very happy to teach you).
  • Are excited to help grow our company to achieve and go beyond our mission.

Please note that this description is just a starting point! We are a small team, and we have a lot to do. We will help you grow wherever your interests take you.

Furthermore, if you don’t meet all of these qualifications, you should still consider applying. We are building a diverse company with people coming from all sorts of backgrounds and with different skill sets.


You will be joining one of the most exciting climate tech start-ups in Europe, working to reduce emissions in the highest contributing industrial sectors. A spin out of Cambridge University and University College London, Carbon Re is backed by leading deep tech VCs including the Clean Growth Fund, the UCL Technology Fund, Cambridge Enterprise and Blue Impact Ventures.

Joining Carbon Re at this stage of the company, you will take many responsibilities, make many decisions and be able to truly drive the development of the company's technology and its mission.

The job is based in our London office with some flexibility for remote working. Right to work in the UK is required.